Aussie Outreach

February 25, 2021

Hey friends and family! I pray you are all doing well and staying safe! I have enjoyed hearing back from you guys about how you are doing and how God has been working in your life! A couple weeks ago I sent out a personal message regarding my engagement with Lilly! I am going to be reiterating a couple things but also I will talk about what the next couple weeks look like! 

Our outreach team of 6 has been traveling for 2 weeks now. We have spent one week in Coffs Harbour and one week in Port Macquarie. Our week in Coffs Harbour was filled with fun and fellowship. We partnered with a fellow YWAMer who is building YWAM Coffs Harbour. It was great to partner with his vision for ministry there. We spent time attending and serving churches in whatever way possible. One of my favorite ministries we were a part of was serving the Sherwood Cliffs Rehabilitation Center. We helped them out by doing some physical work around their 900 acre property. Even though we spent our time mowing grass and cleaning up yards, we were able to hear testimonies from the people who are there helping the seekers, and the seekers themselves (the seekers are the ones who are there for rehabilitation). It was incredible to listen to their stories and see how God has done works in their lives. We are so blessed to have those opportunities while serving. 

Currently we are in Port Macquarie, NSW. We have been partnering with different churches and ministries while we have been here, and we will continue to do so until the 28th of February. We have been able to serve in op shops ( thrift stores), in churches (running small events such as youth), and also the general community. We spent an afternoon cooking sausages for university students during their orientation week. We will continue doing similar events during the last week that we have. Afterwards, we will be driving to Tamworth where we will stay for another week. 


In the midst of all this, I am still applying for visas and helping Lilly do the same. We are excited to see God work in this process and have continuously been growing and leaning into what God has for us together. It is a joy to learn how to do this with her. 

It has been a great journey so far. We are looking forward to what God has in store for us in our other towns.  I would like to invite you to partner with me in prayer for this outreach. Prayer for our team that we will impact people by living out our identity as children of God. Also prayer for me as I apply for visas and move towards bringing Lilly home.

God bless you all,