July 15, 2020

Hey friends and family! I pray you are all doing well and staying healthy. With the different updates and changes in the world it can be overwhelming, I am praying peace and security over all of you.

I believe God has been speaking to me about where he wants me to be, and I hope that all of you have that same understanding with Him. 

Here at YWAM Brisbane we have entered what we call “The Quiet Season”. All active DTS students and staff have left and are in different towns in Queensland for outreach. They’re engaging in different ministries all over the state, and have been blessed with encouragement and approval from law enforcement. 

With the teams being gone, it makes for very quiet and low-key environment. It is my first time to be on base during this season and I am enjoying the different dynamic. The season is allowing for different opportunities within the community and for me personally. 

In the kitchen, we’ve been able to use our free time (cooking for less people) to come up with ideas on more proactive in ministry and in our relationships with God. We’ve discovered small ideas that we do on the daily, like encouraging someone, or creating something new to go with our meals. We are prioritizing our opportunities to love people through everything we do, creating an environment that influences others to do the same. 

As mentioned before, I heard God tell me he has me where he wants me. Even in hearing this, it was hard for me to acknowledge the importance of the word. My thought process was “well of course because He is God and he makes everything happen the way it should” and I continued to live with that mindset. 

When I started to think more deeply about it, the more I realized it is not just about him making things happen as they should, but it is about what is best for me and my relationship with him. I believe he gave me that word because he wants me to realize there are different opportunities in this season with him, even within my personal development and adventure. 

This realization sparked the idea (also encouragement from multiple sources)  to be as proactive in my personal life as in ministry. Proactive in the sense that I am choosing to create opportunity even in situations where it seems there is none. I am hoping to grow in and value this more. 

So in  that, I am taking advantage of the time I have in Australia in every way. A practical step I’ve taken is by enrolling in Part B of Training and Assessment. (Part A is required, Part B is not)  I have chosen to do this so that I can learn how to teach others different skills and increase my personal development. 

God DOES have me here, at this moment, for a reason, and even if I don’t know the reason specifically, I will choose his word over the circumstance.

A small trip we took during our time off of         ministry


This is my current insight. I would love to hear from you about how you choose to be proactive in your personal lives! What is something you prioritize or would like to prioritize so that you can be more aware of God in your circumstances?

Love you all, Will 

(I would also like to apologize that this update about June has come out so late!