November 16, 2019

Hey friends and family! 

Our Pathfinders school has just returned from a 3 week road trip that I mentioned in the last update. We drove our YWAM Brisbane bus through Australia and visited 4 different places. Byron Bay, Mount Warning, Springbrook, and Grafton. I will tell a few stories about each location in this update as well as explain how preparation for Japan is going. We only have 3 more weeks on base before we drive to Port Macquarie, Australia where we will be spending the first 2 weeks of outreach. That means that it’s crunch time. 

During our first week of our road trip, we stayed at church in Byron Bay. They were so gracious to let 18 young people use the church building as a home for one week. While we were there we spent everyday evangelizing and intentionally seeking people to build relationship with. Byron Bay is a very special town that attracts people from all over the world. It is a very popular destination for many backpackers, travelers, and seekers. Everyday I was able to meet someone new and from a different country. It was awesome to see the students step out and reach out to people in their own unique ways. Some of them came up with some awesome ideas on how to start a conversation and how to lead that conversation to a place where they could share God’s heart. In my personal experience, sport was a great way to reach out to people. We were able to play soccer and volleyball on the beach and invite anyone we met to play. There was good competition and conversation that took place during these times of reaching out through our activities. We also had the opportunity to do some serve at a Youth Center in the town. We spent the afternoon painting and doing yard work for the center. They needed some extra hands to do a big clean up job, and we were more than happy to do some property cleaning for them. The staff there were extremely kind and took care of us while we worked, making sure we had everything we needed to get the job done. 

After our week in Byron Bay, we drove from the beach to the mountains and spent a week in the wilderness. We had lectures during our time camping, we also had a time of team building with our outreach teams. It was awesome to be able to bond with my team and to reach a different level of friendship during that time. We also had lectures on spiritual warfare with one of our highly respected base elders. She also led our team building activities and discussions. It was super helpful to have an experienced leader pour into us and help us walk closer to God as a team. As one of the leaders of the team I was so proud to see everyone’s ability and willingness to pursue growth.


(feat. Fellow Missionary Kid from India

After our camping/lecture/team building week, we drove to the state of New South Wales to a town called Grafton. There we volunteered to serve at the Jacaranda Festival, an annual festival held by the city that celebrates the beautiful and bountiful Jacaranda trees. We spent the first 3 days praying into vision for Grafton, because at the beginning of the festival there are less events taking place. We were still able to attend some special events during these few days, but we spent time seeking God’s heart for the city and for the people of Grafton. We wanted to be intentional with partnering with God as we practically served during the events. It was an honor to be able to serve alongside the festival coordinators, who took amazing care of us. I also had the privilege to cross paths with multiple people that I had met in 2018. It was great to reconnect with old friends and new. In our time there we noticed that many people appreciated what we were doing, and we had the pleasure to say we do it because God loves this town and everyone in it. When the festival ended, we packed up and drove back to Brisbane, where we hopped right back into our normal schedule.

Recently, God has been teaching me about consistency. He has been pointing out to me that I need to see the consistency of his character and grow in it myself. I will never be able to remain as consistent as God, but I believe he is showing me that it is important to invest in consistent awareness of how I am growing with Him. It easy to be content with where you are in relationships, or in your health, but it is so important to motivate yourself to grow. Right now it is a similar situation regarding building a new level of intimacy with God. I do not want to receive on and off wisdom or revelation from God, I want to be consistently fed spiritually and the only way to do that is for me to be consistent in aligning with him in every aspect of life. I want to be able to recognize his presence in my life in everything that I do so that I can experience more with him rather than on my own. It has been a journey coming to this conclusion and God has been very gracious with me. I am so grateful that he is consistent even when I am not.

In exactly one month, I will be getting on a plane to fly to Japan. As the departure date gets closer my faith in God to provide the money grows. Not because it’s simple, but because I choose to stand firm in my belief that He will provide. I am still in need of $2093 Australian dollars which is about $1429 American dollars (according to google). This amount would simply cover my outreach cost and get me to Japan and back. I ask that you guys would continue to pray for me seeing these finances come in. I continue to thank God for how good he is and I thank you guys for partnering with me in this. 

Thank you all for checking in on the journey! I pray that everyone has a wonderful November and wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Love, Will