May 22, 2020

Hey friends and family! 

I pray you are all well and flourishing in this time. It has been great to hear from you and get insight on how you are spending your time in this season. I have a few short updates for you guys regarding the how things are going in the land down under. Recently, the Australian government made an announcement that some restrictions will be adjusted. We are now able to travel for recreation, have guests over (a limited amount), and enjoy a meal or coffee in restaurants (again limited amount of people). Everyone on base has been very excited for this news and have taken advantage of the amount of freedom they have been given. 

My team member and I preparing burritos for lunch


I have been able to continue learning and practicing kitchen management skills with my team. We have fun experimenting and attempting to come up with new ideas. During this phase I have been able to meet many of the different students on base. It has been a blessing to see them  choose to be engaged with what God is doing at this time, even when there are so many unknowns regarding their school activities. The staff of these schools have also been doing an amazing job facilitating and creating an environment that allows growth and experiences with God. All of us are expectant of what God is going to do when the outreach phase comes. I have very little insight on this side of ministry because it is not the school I am committed to, but I have faith in the people who are leading and faith in God that he is doing big things in their schools. 

The Pathfinder staff team are planning and praying into what this next DTS will look like. Our school leader has been logistically planning while asking us for prayer and insight on what God wants this school to represent. Even with all the unknowns, we are expectant of his provision of students, ideas, and adventures. 

Thank you guys for checking in! A few prayer points for the season would be:

Clarity while planning the next school

(Ideally) Australian students to apply for our August schools

That we, as a country, can use wisdom even with less restrictions

Please let me know how I can be praying for you during this time. I always am praying you are safe and healthy, but if you have specifics I would love to partner with you in seeing those prayers answered. I love you all, stay safe!