Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

August 23, 2020

Hey friends and family! 

 I pray you are all doing well and staying safe. Things are going well here in Brisbane and at the YWAM base. I am excited about writing this update because there are some cool stories I would like to share with y’all and some even cooler opportunities. If I could sum up this month in one word I would choose “Adapt”

The reason I choose that word is because a few things around base have changed. Due to our school being postponed, the base is left with staff who were expecting to be training,  going on outreach with students, leading teams, and other activities. Those staff (which includes me) have been staying on base continuing their logistical roles, until recently. After realizing we can’t run schools, we decided that we will still do local outreaches with just staff members. It is something we normally do, just not as consistently as we are doing now. I recently went on one of these staff outreaches, and it was a great journey. 

The pathfinder staff team traveled to New South Wales and visited a town called Glen Innes. We stayed at Crossroads Church, we were so blessed that the pastor opened his doors to us so that we could have a roof over our head. While we were planning our trip, we had little to no idea what ministries we would be doing. We had a few things planned out, but due to unfortunate COVID regulations, those ministries had to be canceled. We took the time to ask God for guidance on what we should prepare ourselves for, and we got to see those things come to life. When praying for the trip, a few of us on the team felt like we should be expected to be invited into peoples homes and to be a blessing to those people. And sure enough within 5 minutes of being at our location, an Indian lady rocked up and invited us to her house for tea the next day. It was wild. The entire team had the chance to share their testimonies to the woman and her husband. They were so excited to fellowship and hear our stories, we were also excited to hear about her life and story. We were so blessed by her hospitality and interest to learn about why we believe what we believe. I hope we get the chance to send teams there again so we can continue to build relationships with them. 

 We had to leave the state of New South Wales abruptly due to the state borders shutting down. We crossed the border into Queensland and made our way to Stanthorpe for the next few days. In Stanthorpe we had the same vision to be led by God to what we need to do, and again he provided opportunity. We were VERY blessed to be able to stay at Stanthorpe Baptist Church due to very cold and rainy weather. We were given the opportunity to help facilitate some church activities with the youth and kids. Our visit in Stanthorpe was short as well, but still filled with blessings and good conversations. 

We left Stanthorpe with two days left of outreach, and because we are pathfinders, we went camping. We stayed in Giraween National Park, which was VERY cold and very beautiful. Even as we ran away from civilization, God still gave us the chance to be a blessing to the people around us. We ended up meeting a man from Brisbane who was just on a getaway trip. We invited him to eat and play music around the fire with us. It was great to meet him and talk about church, family, and interests.

A fun portrait one of our friends drew of our team!

We have been asked to go on another trip on the 25th. This time we will be gone for 3 weeks, visiting 3 towns. Emerald, Bundaberg, and Gympie. I am excited for these trips, as it brings a new experience with every location. We will be doing ministries such as youth ministry, practical work projects, church services, bible studies, and whatever else God has planned for us! Prayer for this trip would be appreciated. Prayer for safe travels, team unity, preparation in our hearts and the people we will be meeting, and big opportunities to minister to people.

Thank you guys for taking the time to stay updated. If there is anything I can be praying for please let me know, as I would love to partner with you in seeing those prayers answered.

Love you all,