January 3, 2021

 Happy New Year Ya’ll! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I am sure there must have been some differences or change of plans this season, but my prayers are that you still were able to have fellowship and rest! I also hope that you have been able to seek God in preparation for the New Year so that you can be expecting great things from Him. I was reminded to take time during my last day in 2020 to thank God for what he has done over the last year, and I also was able to reevaluate times where I knew I needed more focus on him. Doing this helped me shift my perspective on what I have learned and been through this year.

This was my first Christmas in Australia since we were not traveling overseas this year! However I was able to travel to a town called Moree in New South Wales, and spend Christmas there. I then returned to Brisbane and spent New Years Eve walking around Brisbane meeting people and praying for them. We were able to make some good connections and invite people to the YWAM Cafe so that we can continue communicating. 

As we go into 2021 we as a DTS will start finishing up our lecture phase, and  starting our outreach phase. We have 5 weeks until we leave for outreach, and everyday we are seeking God’s heart for our trip. We will be traveling entirely in New South Wales, Australia, which is the state right below Queensland. We will be traveling to multiple towns throughout the state, the closest being 4 hours away from Brisbane, and the farthest being Narramine, which is 10 hours south west. The longest we will be staying in the towns is two weeks, however most of the towns we will be visiting we will only be there for one. I will be leading a team along with my two other lovely co- leaders, and 4 students. We will leave Brisbane at the beginning of February, and be back at the beginning of April. We have minimal information on ministries, due to the fact that we have established communication over the holidays, which means everyone is busy celebrating. I will keep you guys updated as soon as I receive more information. 

During this trip I will be applying for visas to stay longer in Australia, only because my current visa expires before the actual end date of the school. I want to be able to stay to finish the school, and also bring closure for my time in Australia before returning back to the United States for a season. This process will require patience as I can not apply for a visa extension until a month before mine expires. It will also require the process of switching overseas insurance (as I must have travel insurance to be in Australia). Both of these processes will require extra finances, and a faith that God will give me wisdom in them. 

I would appreciate prayers in regards to these things, as they are crucial and influential to the journey I am on. As always, I would like to hear from anyone who has prayer requests. I would also be interested in hearing how you celebrated Christmas and New Years, and what you expect for the New Year! 

Thank you for checking in, Love you all!