October 19, 2018

Hey friends and family!

On October 5th, I returned from my school’s two week road trip. For the first week we attended a prayer and worship conference in Toowoomba, Queensland where we spent 4 days at the Toowoomba YWAM base. Multiple bases traveled to Toowoomba to attend this conference. We spent hours upon hours praying and worshiping with 200 different people and 27 different nationalities.The YWAM base set up a massive prayer tent on their land, where every school got the chance to pray through the night. My fellow students and I were able to learn so much about the importance of prayer and worship. I never thought in a million years that I would find myself in a worship and prayer conference, but I believe God is surprising me with new experiences and new ways to learn about Him.


After the conference in Toowoomba, we drove 3 hours south to the city of Ballina, which is in New South Wales, Australia. There we spent one whole week learning and practicing evangelism. Everyday we were able to go out into the town and do some sort of ministry. The biggest impact I had came from our kids ministry. We orchestrated a BBQ at a local park and invited everyone around. I was able to talk to some amazing young people and put small words of wisdom from God into their lives. God’s grace was moving with us the entire trip and we were blessed with meeting amazing people.

As of right now, I am back at YWAM Brisbane and just finished two weeks of lectures.Now my school is heading on another two week road trip! We will be camping and doing ministry in several towns northern Queensland. This week I’ve had to put a lot of focus on my outreach trip. I feel like there is so much I need to accomplish before and learn before I leave and time is absolutely flying by. As I mentioned in my last update I am in charge of a few different roles in my team. Prayer for my team and I would be much appreciated as we are all working hard so that we can bring our best to the Philippines. Prayer for finances is also greatly appreciated as I have required fees such as vaccinations, insurance and supplies before I am able to go. If you feel like God has put on your heart to donate please feel free to contact me or give through my website. I invite you to partner with me in doing works for God and blessing YWAM Australia and the Philippines. Thank you guys so much for your prayers and support! God bless y’all!

Take it EZ