Short N Sweet

May 4, 2020

Hey Friends and Family!

I hope you are all doing well! Praying that you are all safe during these very interesting times. As you know, quarantine has limited our ability for the ministries we are allowed to conduct. Even though we are not allowed to have outreaches at the moment, we are still able to minister to the people around us and our community through staying joyful and expect God to work greatly in our lives.

Woop Woop (PC: Will Delport)

The other day I had the realization that I am half way through my logistical phase (give or take a week). It was a little bit of a shock, as I feel like I started only a few weeks ago. The opportunity my role brings to pour into the base is a very great one, and I want to ensure that I pursue that opportunity wholeheartedly while I can. I am blessed to be working with likeminded people. I have also been able to serve in other areas of the base. Two weeks ago I was able to help the maintenance team pour concrete as we are expanding our courtyard area. It was fun to be able to have a different environment for a day, as well as work with other friends who I don’t see as often. 

Because of the fact that I am halfway through this 2nd phase of my course, our Pathfinder staff team has begun to look more intently at the upcoming school. Obviously, there are many things that we are unsure about, but we are still moving towards running the school within government health and safety guidelines. We are praying into this process and listening to what he is saying about this situation. We have high hopes that we will be able to have many Australian students this year. Due to Australian borders possibly being shut for a while, internationals simply wouldn’t be able to attend. However we see this as an amazing opportunity to run a school with a high demographic of Aussies (possibly 100%). We are excited about this possibility because as a base, we are sensing God wants us to build the number of Australian missionaries within this awesome country.

With all these possibilities, all I can do right now is be expectant and learn more about God and what he has planned in the next season. Our course intake meets once every other week to have class. This month we are studying the leadership style of Jesus and how to apply it into our lives. It has been interesting to see the areas of my own life where I need to shift my perspective. I want to be able to see opportunity and challenge the way Jesus would, so that I can help others do the same. Studying has helped me pass the time after the kitchen shifts, as well as training. Last August I injured my back in the gym, lifting too much weight. I have only been able to start really pushing myself this April. It has been a joy to get back into weightlifting and see improvement. My back is still healing but I have been told to continue to stay active (with care). I mentioned in my last update that my motorcycle was stolen, it has not been recovered and has been listed off as a total loss by insurance and the police. So I will not be getting it back. As unfortunate as it is, I am grateful for the use I got out of it.

Thanks for checking in! I would love to hear how you guys are, how I can be praying for you, and also what you have been doing to keep yourself entertained during quarantine! Stay safe ya’ll!

Love, Will