April 15, 2021


“the quality of being resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering”
I chose this title because this is the quality I feel has been important in this season. 
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Hello friends and family! Hope you are all doing well and staying safe! It has been a busy and fulfilling month (and a bit). There has been traveling, lockdowns, graduations, and expectations during this season and all of it has been a part of the journey God has me on. Speaking of journey, we have recently returned from our 8 week outreach through New South Wales Australia. In my last update I mentioned that we had been in Port Macquarie and we would be heading to another town soon. Instead of listing detailed events of each town, I will list the town and some highlights from each! I could write a lot about each, but I also want to update you on future plans as well! Let’s get to it!

Tamworth– We partnered with Liberty Church and the local primary school. We spent time helping out with work projects around the town. We also spent time serving the community with Food Care Ministries.

Bathurst- We served alongside Hope Bathurst in their community. We attended soup kitchens and helped out in the community food pantries. God poured out new revelations to us as a team while we were there and the church was a massive part of that.

Narromine- We worked with two churches, the Baptist Church and Generocity Church. Most of our time was spent renovating Generocity’s building. In addition we had the opportunity to share testimonies and fellowship with members of both churches.

Dubbo- Here, we served Riverside Church, helping out with projects. We also invested in some of the youth there through their youth ministries.

Moree- It is the hometown of my lovely fiance, so it was great to spend time there serving and getting a feel from where she is from (even though she was not there while I was). There was a pretty bad flood that caused damage to homes and property. We helped individuals that had been badly affected. We also spent a lot of time moving and fixing equipment within the Salvation Army.

We feel that we ended our outreach strong. Throughout the weeks we spent time learning together as a team, championing each other and gaining a heart for ministry together. God really taught us about our identity as individuals, but also as a team. God spoke to our team about people, ideas, and vision that we fostered and by his will were able to see it come to pass and impact people for eternal purposes.

For me, it was a time to grow in my consistency and understanding of truth. What I learned was that truth is more than just being honest. Truth is the reality that God asks us to live in. Our understanding of life has to be aligned with the truth of how God has designed life. When we apply that understanding, we are better able to live in freedom from the things of life that have the potential to steal our joy and vision. “So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-32

It has been important for me to focus on that revelation in this season as I prepare to enter a new one. Lilly and I have both been learning and cultivating abiding in truth in our own individual way. We see it as a small piece of our foundation of our future together. We have been in the waiting process and have been praying everyday about what God wants from us relationally and individually. Logistically, we are still waiting for approval for Lilly’s visa to come to the United States. We have just recently been given access to track her case process (Which is a step we have been praying for). We will continue being patient and seeking God as to how we should be utilizing this time of waiting. I also am in the process of getting a visitor visa for another 6 months so that I can remain here until Lilly can leave. I have some complications with the process because of the amount of places I grew up in (wouldn’t change that). We are also trusting and seeking God constantly in all of this, and it is a good process.

I ask that you keep these specific areas in your prayers Lilly’s visa. Pray that it will be processed quickly so that we can move on to the next step to finalize it. My visa. Pray that the complications in the paperwork can be worked out quickly, as well wisdom for how to lean into the process and wait well, and strength for endurance.

As always, I also want to be praying for you guys. Please let me know if there is anything at all I can be praying for! Again, I am praying for safety and fulfillment in your journey with the Lord. Thanks for checking in, love you all!