T-Minus 30

June 8, 2019

Hey friends and family!

Well the countdown is officially on folks, 17 days until I leave Texas, 24 days until I leave the US, and exactly 30 days until the Basic Leadership School starts! This means that there are errands to run, gear to buy, and people to spend time with. I am stoked to be back in that beautiful country and start training for our schools, but I am of course dealing with the fact that I wont see certain family members for almost 2 years. But I know what I’ve been called to and I am blessed to have a family that supports me 100%.

Lately I have been realizing how important returning to Australia is to me. I believe that God will use these 20 months to show me a glimpse of what he has for me in the future. I believe He wants to teach me the truth about myself and Him living within me, so that I can live life knowing what I am capable of through his will. Recently I have had to remind myself that just because I’m not necessarily doing ministry, does not mean God doesn’t have something to teach me. For instance I applied for a good ol’ Texas drivers license, I surrendered my old one to the state, and was given a temporary License/ID that expires on a given date. I was told It would take a few weeks to arrive in the mail… That was 47 days ago. I’ve called, emailed, reached out to the DPS multiple times, but haven’t gotten any information about it. I still have no idea where it is. I’ve been frustrated and impatient that it hasn’t shown up yet. It hasn’t been until recently that I have even had the thought, “God knows where it’s at, and he knows It’s necessary”. Maybe it’s a learning experience, maybe God wants to teach me about trust and patience, or maybe someone just forgot to send it, whatever the reason I have to choose to put my faith in Him during this situation.

Something else that me and 6 others are trusting God to provide is students for our Pathfinders School! We currently have a few students signed up but we are looking for a number between 12-14. Please join my team and I in praying these students in! And yes! We already have a full staff team for the school! And we all are looking forward to adventuring and learning with our students! So please pray and if you know anybody who might be interested in hiking, camping, Australia, and building relationship with God, tell them to check out YWAM Brisbane’s Pathfinder DTS 2019! On top of praying for students please join me in praying in much needed funds for living in Australia! I’m still looking for 10 people that would be willing to partner with me and support me monthly through this school! I ask that you would consider and pray about partnership, or even one time donations! Any amount helps me out and despite finances, your support in prayer is always just as important!

I have one more thing I would like to announce. On Saturday, June 29th, I will be presenting at an event hosted by O.M.I International. It will be a Missions sending event where we will be engaging in a time of worship and prayer for myself and other missionaries.  It starts at 6:45pm at the Adele Grage Theater, 716 Ocean Blvd, Atlantic Beach, Florida! (If you’re in Texas it’s an awesome excuse to go the beach) Here’s the link if you wanna see a cool flyer and visit the website, anyone is welcome! https://omiinternational.org/download/?fbclid=IwAR2YBYHPLD9-Wfb7pJvXepqdPYV745H_vRpDy0BOU8VEouy51gXT2rEzwuw

Thanks for checking in y’all! Your prayers and support are always appreciated! Love y’all and God bless! Take it EZ