The Next Chapter

February 28, 2019

Hello friends and family!

I am proud to announce that on February 8th, 2019 I graduated from the Pathfinders DTS of YWAM Brisbane! It was an amazing experience and there is so much I am taking away from this school. I have grown personally and in my own relationship with God. I am thankful that God blessed me with amazing classmates, staff members, leaders, supporters, and family.  To those who partnered with me in the journey, I can not thank ya’ll enough.

This would be a really long letter if I wrote down everything I learned and every experience I had, but I’ll list a few of the more important things. (things that I grew in) Experiencing God speak was mind blowing for me. It’s something I had not experienced until DTS. It doesn’t matter what he says or when he says it or how he says it, every time I hear from Him it blows my mind.

I’m very thankful that God chose to teach me that he always speaks and I have to be willing to listen. Something else that was important for me to learn during DTS, was how worthy He is. I had to understand, that it didn’t matter the circumstance, or what my emotions tell me, or what the world tell me, the fact that God is who He says He is never changes. He is still creator of the universe, He is still love, He is still my Father, and He is still Lord of my life. I had a revelation that I have to choose to live by who I know he is, and not by who I think he is. I have to choose Him because he is more than worthy to be chosen, above anything else in my life. It’s amazing what God can teach us when we are willing to learn, when we are willing to listen, and when we are willing to change. For me, being willing has been key in my life with God. I have to continue to have a willing heart and be ready for anything he has for me. And to do that, sometimes all it takes is, “Yeah – I’m Ready!” And there were many, many moments during DTS where I had to have that response.

I am extremely blessed that I was able to experience these things over the course of my DTS. I was able to experience God in new and amazing ways. I also understand that God is never limited to a group of people, or a place, or a circumstance. However, I believe that my love for adventure is something God gave me, and I am so thankful that He blessed me by allowing me to have this experience in this specific place.

With that being said…..I would like to announce that my plan is to return to YWAM Brisbane as a student of the Basic Leadership School (Secondary School of YWAM).  I believe God has put this on my heart and I’m going to put my trust in Him and pursue it. This of course, requires many logistical preparations that will need to be taken care of. The primary preparation is that of finances.  I want to ask those of you who have been in partnership to continue. This school is a 20 month long course, which means monthly income is essential. I humbly ask all of you to consider and pray about this partnership. I will be giving more details very soon about logistics, so please continue to check in! I am excited for this next chapter of life with newfound knowledge and values, I hope and pray that you continue this journey with me!

Good Bless You All. Thank you so much for checking in!

Take it EZ!